Patent Foramen Ovale Closure or Anticoagulation vs. Antiplatelets after Stroke Link to the Inserm press review (in French) J.-L. Mas, G. Derumeaux, B. Guillon, E. Massardier, H. Hosseini, L. Mechtouff, C. Arquizan, Y. Béjot, F. Vuillier, O. Detante, C. Guidoux, S. Canaple, C. Vaduva, N. Dequatre‑Ponchelle, I. Sibon, P. Garnier, A. Ferrier, S. Timsit, E. Robinet‑Borgomano, D. Sablot, J.-C. Lacour, M. Zuber, P. Favrole, J.-F. Pinel, M. Apoil, P. Reiner, C. Lefebvre, P. Guérin,...

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Announcement: Call for junior group leader_PsyNeuro_Paris

Call for junior group leaders The Center for Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris-Descartes University and INSERM ( recently started its activities in a 4300 m² brand new building located in central Paris, on the campus of Sainte-Anne Hospital.Ultimately, this new research center will host a total of 16 junior and senior teams devoted to integrated basic and clinical research. In addition to basic technical resources (cell culture, biochemistry...

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Interview du Pr Gorwood

Sur le lien ci dessous retrouvez l'interview de professeur Gorwood faite par la chaine Arte :

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NIH Funding Opportunities (Foreign Institutions are eligible to apply) / Financements NIH ouverts aux institutions non-US

Ensemble d'appels d'offres ouverts aux institutions non-US Below, a set of calls for proposals that are open to non-US institutions Extracellular Vesicles and Substance Use Disorders (R21) Extracellular Vesicles and Substance Use Disorders (R01) Global Brain and Nervous System Disorders Research Across the Lifespan (R01) Global Brain and Nervous System Disorders Research Across the Lifespan (R21) NIH StrokeNet Clinical Trials and Biomarker Studies for Stroke Treatment, Recovery,...

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The center

CPN is a multi-disciplinary community of over 100 basic and clinical neuroscientists, as well as faculty members working on: Neurodevelopment and Psychiatry, Behavior, Memory and Emotions, Neurovascular system, Multiscale imaging (from molecules to whole brain), Translational Neurosciences and molecular and cellular machanisms in Aging Brain. Our mission is to: -Understand how the brain works at all levels, from molecular mechanisms to cells, neuronal networks and whole organ through innovative...

Research Area

The goal of the CPN is to conduct leading-edge basic and translational research in psychiatry and neuroscience. For this purpose, the CPN brings together cutting-edge experimental techniques and advanced methodologies to reach a mechanistic understanding of biological processes in the healthy brain and in neurological and psychiatric-related diseases. The teams address projects in and be assigned to the following scientific domains: 1/ Neuro-Development and Psychiatry : including the teams Angulo,...